Lamination Services

If you’re in the market for specialty laminating services, look no further than RK Graphics. From product tags to retail signage and custom banners, RK Graphics can deliver the high-quality laminated products your business needs to succeed. RK Graphics proudly serves our neighbors from eastern-Iowa to western-Illinois and our national and international clients. Our 30+ years of success in this industry has taught us the importance of customer satisfaction. When you choose RK Graphics for your specialty lamination project, we’ll make sure we exceed your expectations every step of the way.

During the specialty lamination process, we will apply a pressure-sensitive adhesive to your item’s surface. We can laminate a variety of materials, including textiles, rubbers, plastics, foams and even felt. Our talented team has the training and experience they need to properly perform different laminating techniques. Whether you need one-sided, two-sided, heat or cold-rolled lamination, we’re up to the task. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to laminate your products according to your individual needs, which includes laminating at a variety of thicknesses and consistencies.

You may be wondering why you should laminate your products. One of the biggest reasons to consider specialty laminating services is that they offer another level of protection. Lamination can protect your items from smoke, dust, sunlight, water, heat and much more. When you contact RK Graphics to ask about our lamination services, we’ll discuss your specific needs and make sure we offer lamination solutions that will deliver results.

RK Graphics Offers:

  • Textile Lamination
  • Rubber Lamination
  • Plastic Lamination
  • Foam Lamination
  • Felt Lamination
  • One-Sided Lamination
  • Two-Sided Lamination
  • Heat-Rolled Lamination
  • Cold-Rolled Lamination
  • and much more!

The RK Graphics team offers our lamination services to large and small businesses alike and there’s never a job too big or too small. We provide specialty lamination services to many different businesses, including office, retail, and manufacturing environments. Contact RK Graphics today to discuss your next specialty lamination project!