Specialty Services

Visual Imaging is now RK Graphics! That means we’re able to provide specialty services to businesses across the eastern-Iowa and western-Illinois region. Our wide range of printers and special finishing equipment enables us to offer in-house large-format solutions few other businesses can provide.

Our new specialty services include:

  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) services to create complex cut out signs for any size project
  • Routing services to create everything acrylic social barrier shields, to magazine holders, and custom shapes and letters perfectly matched to your specifications
  • Specialty laminating from product tags to retail signage and custom banners
  • Commercial awnings including fixed, retractable, louvred, and custom

Your designs and requirements are saved for use at a later date. So, when you’re ready to replace your products or you have an idea for something new, look no further than RK Graphics. Contact us today!